Mar. 3rd, 2011

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The Internet fascinates me for so many reasons; one of those reasons is the sheer amount of communication that can happen through so many different means. Facebook, Live Journal, Wordpress, e-mail, Twitter, and a dozen dozen others. We communicate through laptops and desktops and mobile phones and Blackberries.

While this aggregate of information can be overwhelming, I have recently been thinking about how just viewing the live feed from my Facebook friends gives me an overview of a microcosm of the million lives around me. Every day is a good day for someone and a bad day for someone else. People rejoice and complain over happenings infinitesimal and enormous.

The worst day in someone's life is the best day in someone else's life. The hour that brings a first child to one house brings mourning to another. People move, people leave, people come together, people meet, people part, people congratulate and commiserate--and all this is happening despite the social media.

The more you start to see the events of others' lives and what they mean to those people, the less significance the events of your own life contain. And I don't think this is a bad thing. It does sometimes make me feel conflicted about the large events in my life--they're large to me. Is it fair to explain how huge they feel when others have so much more to deal with? Again, I think yes. It's fair to talk about one's worries and fears. But it's also fair to realize that your problems are not the whole world's problems: while your story is being written, millions of other stories are happening in all those other lives.


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