Aug. 12th, 2010 06:05 am
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The Oldest Boy has acquired a "special care" item of clothing. While looking at the tag, he asked, "So, does the crossed-out triangle mean no dryer?" Pause.

"Or does it mean that it won't help you with geometry problems? Because it would be cool if there was a shirt that would do that!"

His father chimed in, "I always thought it meant 'No being buried in pyramids with Pharaoh."


Aug. 11th, 2010 09:13 pm
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The Youngest Boy had to write a letter to his teacher about his expectations for the school year. I had to share (I've left the typos as they are in his letter):

Dear ms. _______,

Hi, my name is ____________. This year in your class I would like to learn about the Civil War, Chemicals, and how Scientific Processes work.
I also

I also would like to improve at working in a group because sometimes I find it hard to work with other people. I am pretty good at working on my own, though.

I also like it when teachers give clear and thorough explanations. I al I like to also know the due dates for all my projects as we start the project. I would also like to know when to turn in all assignments.

I also appreciate if students get rewards for good behavior and work.



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on the phone

#6: He loves his kids.

You can guess at how good a dad someone might be, but you never really know until they actually have children. Chris is an amazing dad. From the minute we found out we would be parents, he has adored his children. Which doesn't mean he spoils them--no way! But he does enter into their world and allow them entrance to his. He plans fun things for them, challenges them, engages them, talks to them, and loves them. He is patient with them and silly with them. He provides a good example of how to be a dad and husband.


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