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Birthdate:Jun 7
Location:Indiana, United States of America
What Other People Say:

Thank you for entering the Livejournal central hub located at [info]krikketgirl. We hope that our facilities will entertain you while you proceed to your ultimate destinations among the many, many Live Journals that intersect here. Please be advised of the following during your stay:

1) Audience participation is encouraged, but not mandatory. Participation in non-AP activities is also welcome.

2) All sanity must be surrendered at the customs office. It will be returned upon your egress, less the 11% "You read the entry, and it will never leave your brain" tax.

3) Do not come between [info]krikketgirl and [info]ruthette at argument time. Loss of limb may result. Please allow thirty minutes for resolution of the argument, hugs all around, and resumption of speaking privileges before proceeding.

4) Some entries are made in verse/If haiku ensues, page the nurse.

5) Ignore this warning.

Feel free to stay as long as you like... apply for a residence permit within.

(thanks, [info]nidoking!)

Warning: Addictive. Read at your own peril.-- [info]ldygwynedd

Author is a Poet
And isn't afraid to show it
Enter at your own risk
Kat may hit you with a whisk
-- [info]kebhouse

There will at times be happy married sappyness on this journal. -- [info]singersdd

Caution: Wodehouse addicts are not to be trifled with. -- [info]bassnote

These contents may cause spontaneous snorting! -- [info]mewsing

The Author sometimes slanders [info]ruthette.
The Author out-reads other mere mortals.
-- [info]ruthette

What I Say

I've been married for over a decade to [info]reubeneater, with whom I have two adorable/maddening sons. I'm a part-time library assistant, the author of four novels, and an inveterate fan of my very own peach martinis. Most importantly, I am a New Testament Christian; I observe the Old Testament Holy Days and the seventh-day Sabbath.

The Rules:

I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to adding friends. There are, however, a few things I'd like you to keep in mind:

  • Keep it clean. I am not interested in crude or explicit comments, thanks. What you write in your journal is your business, but please be mindful of what you say in mine.

  • I make no excuses for my 'friends' list. I know people from many walks of life and from many places, both literally and figuratively. Just because someone's posts appear on my 'friends' page does not mean that I am in total agreement with what they say.

  • Debate is good; trash-talk is bad. You don't have to think the way I do to read my journal or to take part in the discussions. I do ask, though, that you keep an open mind, as I try to do, and respect that I have well-thought-out reasons for believing what I believe, as I will respect that you have well-thought-out-reasons for what you believe. Debating a point in a friendly manner is most welcome. Please refrain from rudeness, insults, and personal attacks.

  • I have two other journals: [info]chiefcook is where I post recipes and menu ideas, and [info]guardianoforder is my reading/review journal. Please feel free to investigate either of them.

    My journal was designed by the very talented [info]mewsing.

    give krikketgirl more *HUGS*

    Get hugs of your own

    You can view my library at! I'm just beginning the process, so don't be fooled by the small number of books and authors represented.

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