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I tend not to make resolutions, as such, because so many of my desires are ongoing processes rather than stop-and-start projects. However, these are things that I plan to concentrate on this coming year. We'll see how it goes, shall we?

  • A picture a day, every day. Project 365.

  • Along with that, being more involved with the pictures I take, sorting them when I offload instead of just dumping them on the computer.

  • Finish my first year of working at school, and finish strong.

  • Keep my 4.0 through the end of the spring semester (Sociology and Intro to Media Centers, I'm looking at you!).

  • Practice trumpet and piano at least once a week. More if I can, but at least that.

  • My goal is to post once a day. Along with that, I'd like to be more intentional with posting, with at least one post a week that is more than just "work--argh!"

  • Work a little harder on the house upkeep. The motivating factor here is that this week, I learned that for all the messiness, it really only took four hours of good hard work to set things to if I can work really hard at it just ONE hour a week, I should be able to keep things a little tamer.

  • Less freaking out. Less. Of the freaking out over stuff that isn't worth it.

  • Exercise more, eat less (same old, same old).

I'm sure that there are other things, but that will do for a start, don't you think?


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