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I am a huge fan of Rex Stout, especially his mystery novels featuring Nero Wolfe. I like the books because they are more than the standard private eye fare: there is a fundamental soundness and goodness to them. Nero Wolfe is cranky, obstinate, obdurate, set in his ways, and arrogant...and also brilliant. Archie Goodwin is urbane, takes orders, but never fawns over his employer.

The characters are complex, the plots workable and plain (once you reach the end)...but what really gets to me is the insight into humanity and the wealth of superb use of the English language.

The line that got to me today: Nero Wolfe is not in his office in the brownstone where he lives; he is meeting with top Army officials on a matter of national importance, it being in the middle of World War II.

He has heard of the death in battle of a Colonel's son. Upon introduction, he offers his condolences, and then adds, "I would hold up your heart if I could."

I would hold up your heart if I could.


Jan. 4th, 2010 05:17 pm
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"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles."

Washington Irving

I can think of only a few things that I would rather hear about myself than this. Iwas so delighted to read it today, buried in the trivia of the student access page of my college web site; it says so clearly what I want to become.

I think of a fountain in a stone courtyard on a hot, dry summer day. Without even feeling the spray from the fountain, without dipping your fingers in, without even seeing the feel refreshed. The fountain doesn't change the scene around it; it is superimposed on what is already there, changing your perceptions of the scene.

I'd like to be that way. I'd like for people to feel refreshed and lighter when they interact with me, see me, hear me, think about me. And so I work on this stubborn heart of mine and I ask God for the help I need to make it softer, gentler, kinder...better.


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