Jan. 9th, 2011

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So I made a trip to Wal-Mart this afternoon. Chris had given me 5 $20 bills before I left the house. I was bopping through the self-check and had started paying for my items when all of a sudden there was an error message. The cashier came over, entered some numbers, got another major error message saying the bill receiver needed to be removed and put back on, put in more numbers, and then everything seemed to reset itself. The machine said I still owed $24, but I thought it should have only been $4. My suspicions were confirmed when I realized that I had put all the money I had in my wallet into the machine.

I finished my checkout and talked to the cashier (thankfully, I was quiet and polite!). She was very nice, got a manager, and they gave me $20 on my word that I had been forced to overpay by the computer glitch.

It wasn't until 6:00 this evening that the Youngest Boy found a $20 bill on the floor. When Chris had given me my money, one of the bills had snuck away from the rest of the pack. Meaning? I had only had $80 when I got to Wal-Mart. I had not overpaid; I had, indeed, stiffed Wal-Mart.

Fortunately, they were very sweet about taking the money back when I explained the situation. I hope they can find the cashier--I wrote her an apology. Seriously, what a stupid goof! Glad it was one I could make right, though.


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