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I keep thinking that I will have time to stop and read and write and think, and then something pops up and away I dash to pick up another task or forgotten thread. What has been going on? Adventures, both grueling and filled with derring-do and swashing of many buckles (or whatever).

Sunday, I put a book back inside its cover and then made an excruciatingly detailed slideshow about it. It was for school, but let me tell you--it was awesome. Check out the slideshow and feel free to skip the boring parts.

Tuesday I attended a workshop on book repair. My awesome friend Cherie was able to get permission for me to tag along with media assistants from her school district. I enjoyed the chance to see how other people handle common and uncommon repairs. The most exciting part, though, was discovering that while I was sitting in the car in the parking lot, listening to sirens and watching the rain slashing down onto my windshield, all the employees of the library were hiding out in their storm zone because a tornado had touched down somewhere in the county.

Wednesday I wrote to my advisor about a horrible class I have this semester. It has made me cry and has made me think about quitting twice, but I am committed and do not fear, my dumplings, for I shall win.

Thursday was a lousy day...the kids were all just nutty and I felt like I was slipping a I wasn't quite "on," you know. My work is piling up at work and I cannot seem to get ahead. And then I ended up eating by myself in the gym because my friend the gym teacher wasn't there, only I didn't know she was out for the day. And by the time I figured it out, I wasn't going to pack up my lunch and take it somewhere else. So I hung out in the deserted gym office and checked out her memorabilia.

Thursday night, though, I got to support my school by reading books at the spirit night at Chick-fil-A. I love reading stories. It's one of my favorite things ever. Why can't it pay worth beans?

Which brings me to today, in which I had several really good teaching moments. I felt like I was on top of things today--totally helped by Chris leaving later so I could leave a bit earlier this morning and get a jump on the day. He is so awesome. Anyway, my favorite thing today was a student who is sweet, but usually not into our activities. He totally took a writing prompt and ran with it. I was so thrilled! It was just a few sentences, but I felt as though lightning struck and the story stuck and I got to be there watching. I hope he'll get to have lots more moments like that.


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