May. 9th, 2011

3 Weeks

May. 9th, 2011 06:38 am
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In 3 weeks, we officially mark the beginning of a new chapter. If all begins according to plan, on that Monday morning I will drain the dregs of a last cup of coffee, lock the doors of the house with a certain finality, and drive away to Cincinnati. We will unpack like crazy people, and then I will turn back around and drive back, past "our" house, to my in-laws' place, where I will spend a great deal of time this summer. On Tuesday, May 31st, I will start my practicum at the public library.

This plan fills me with a certain amount of fear and trembling, because life is already on the stressful side of the scale. On the other hand, things are finally moving forward and I can feel the forward motion.

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day with lunch at my husband's aunt's house, a basketball scrimmage with my in-laws, and then coming home to work on the house a little.

When the kids at school ask me--in light of a failed referendum--what school will be like this fall, I say, "I don't know, and no one knows. But I do know this: you will attend an amazing school. You will have amazing teachers who will teach you to do awesome things."

So when I start asking, "What will life be like?" I answer, "I don't know, and no one does. But you will be surrounded with amazing people, you will have friends, you will raise your children, you will love your husband, and God will give you work to do."


May. 9th, 2011 05:57 pm
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So I tried on some pants today and took a quick look at my shape and thought, "Sweet merciful apple pie, girlfriend needs to get back on the Tae Bo wagon." Only I can't quite see how to wangle it yet, so this will probably be a summer project. Along with my other summer projects, which currently include:

  • Wrapping up my 2-year degree

  • Going swimming more than once

  • Finding a day to hang out with [ profile] thryth

  • Rediscovering some old friends via books

  • Setting up a new house

  • Trying out my dad's margarita recipe

And a host of others. You?


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