Apr. 5th, 2011

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I look forward to not being in between. I don't know when that will be--it feels as though I will always have my heart divided into too many pieces. It isn't bad to have so many things one loves, though!

There are 37 days of school remaining. I find myself trying to be a Hawkeye or a Cam Jansen and freeze all these images in my head, all the little moments that I want to carry with me forever. *click* The first-grade dioramas. The little shared secrets and confidences. The questions and answers. Walking through a peaceable kingdom of students engrossed in books.

For all that, though, I have something to look forward to: a new home that is more spacious than the one here. New places to explore. A new church family to meet and love. Finishing my degree. Starting a new set of studies in the fall. Finding some place, something new to turn my hand to, wherever God coaxes me.

Sometimes, it's distracting to look at the row I have to hoe. It stretches so far ahead of me, and the ground seems so hard. No harder than others, surely, but difficult going nonetheless. But there is an end to this row and--just possibly--having done all this work will make it possible to break up other ground that would have been too daunting before.


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