Jan. 19th, 2011

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No matter how well I start the day nor how well the kindergarten class behaves, I always end that particular class period feeling like a cat burglar has snuck in and stolen my brain. We start the day with 4th grade and work our way down to K., which means that all of our energy is gone, the kindergarteners are ramped up to go home, and it's time for a full-court press.

I finished 15 of 22 exercises for Spanish class last night. The written responses kill me, because they're not really graded/corrected...we just get credit for completion. Which is no doubt better for my grade, but it doesn't tell me whether I'm getting my grammar right. Also, the text is (sensibly) geared toward young people in school right after high school. So when we're talking future plans (which we are this chapter), we're talking about young-people things...getting married, having kids, choosing a career. Last night, I wrote 12 sentences (minimum) about my future plans, what I do at my job (what is the Spanish for "wish I had a lasso to help wrangle kindergarteners"?), what I would like to do on my next birthday, and at least one other topic. They take forever because I keep having to look up words and try to figure out my endings.

Anyway, this morning I need to read at least a chapter of my COMM 102 text. I wish that classes where the tests are plugged-in answers from the text book company would include a "mini-test" over, like, one chapter. It's hard to know what the focus of such tests will be, so I end up basically recording large chunks of the text verbatim in my notes. Doing that for four chapters takes a while! I'll feel better after the first exam when I know what she focuses on.


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