Apr. 23rd, 2011

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It struck me this week that as I have been processing the emotions of The Move (and yes, I'm maundering on about it again because it's my blog and I can), I've been so focused on me and how everything affects me. I forget too easily how much this changes things for other people.

Not that thinking about this increases my knowledge. I don't know what is in store for the boys, or for us as a family, or for the people we leave here in Indiana. But it is good to think about the fact that:

God has a plan for each of the kids. He is writing their stories now, as surely as He writes mine.

He has a plan for our family.

He has a plan for me. He hasn't moved in a hurry to meet a need, thinking only of a situation or a whim and not of the individual lives of all of us. Something ahead waits for Him to bring me into it.

He has a plan for the people and places and spaces we leave behind. A plan for the school where I work. A plan for our church congregation. A plan for people we may not even know.

When I think about how sad I am to leave my job, for example, I need to remember that there may be someone who needs it and who will be challenged by it the same way I was. Who knows what is waiting on the horizon once I have moved on to whatever is next? And how dare I wish I could just stay and hoard all the loveliness to myself? And the same applies to everything else.

I am a lousy chess player because I can't think even one move ahead. I am thankful for the reminder that nothing is a surprise to God.


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