Apr. 20th, 2011

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I was already on the way home from church services yesterday (for the First Day of Unleavened Bread) when I realized that it would be the last time we would be in that building, the last time we would visit that specific congregation, for some time. We will not be back until some future visit, when our home address has changed to Ohio and combined Holy Day services will not mean the same thing. It was an arresting moment; I felt sadness, guilt (I should have tried to talk to more people! Tried to live in the moment more fully! Realized the milestone that was happening!), relief (I didn't realize what was happening, so I didn't cry all over the place), longing (if only all the people I love could be in one place).

Two things leapt out at me from the service: joyful sacrifice and defining moments. Everything that is happening now in my life is the result of defining decisions of the past years, beginning way back when I decided to become baptized and then to marry Chris. I decided to marry the man and whatever life brought his way; I decided that whatever God wanted from me, I would do. I am twice over, in a sense, not my own. Difficult things in life do not always mean that one has made the wrong choice; they may simply show that some things are difficult, no matter what.

And I needed the reminder: joyful offering, sacrifice without regret. When I told God that I would go where He sent me, I did mean it. I have to remember that it was to be expected that He would then send me places. If places where I stopped were enjoyable, they were not, evidently, the end point. He calls me to move on. If He sent me pleasant boundaries here, I can trust that I will not be disappointed with whatever He has in store.
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Doctor Visit, originally uploaded by krikketgirl.

A trip to the good doctor can answer all kinds of questions!

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The Good Doctor, originally uploaded by krikketgirl.

Dr. Smith has been the kids' doctor since the youngest was just a little guy. She's been with us through croup, flu, strep, flat feet, tummy bugs, broken finger, and scoliosis. Now we're moving and she is retiring. We have been so blessed by her!


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