Mar. 19th, 2011

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Thursday and Friday were days of unexpectedness and interruptedness, where I just felt like I could never really get into my stride, but Wednesday was a real cupcake day!

On Wednesday, I had two students who never take anything seriously in library who actually came up and asked a research question and were really into it--really wanting to find information, really evaluating the things I found. I was ecstatic!

In the 2nd grade class, we were doing an assignment that had taken the other classes the entire class time to do, and then they had done it poorly and with much complaining. But this class? Rocked the assignment. They were on task, they got the concept, they whipped right through it, got their books checked out...and had a full 10 minutes for free reading time! I was so thrilled that I let them spend those 10 minutes reading with a "Reading Buddy" (a stuffed animal) in the story area. They were excited, too!

My 1st grade class loved their story and the class was smooth and quiet. Then my other 4th grade at the end of the day started out ridiculous and had to be squelched, but then we had a great class discussion abotu copyright and why it's important.

Other days this week were only okay at best...but Wednesday was a shining star of a day.


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