Feb. 25th, 2011

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It's so odd to think that three months ago, my life was relatively normal in terms of short-term plans and stability. At the moment, it's upside-down and unnerving and all my plans are in turmoil, which is of course the natural state of man-made (or, in this case, woman-made) plans.

But definitely the strangest thing I've done in recent memory is to tell Chris to go ahead and make an offer on a house in which I have never yet set foot. I've seen pictures online, of course, but only Chris has actually visited the house. We've received a counter-offer, so I think Chris is going to talk to an inspector today to set up an inspection so that we can accept the counter-offer contingent on the house passing inspection within the next week.

As spilled-out as I feel at the moment (tired and over-extended and full of good intentions but scraping at the last bits of follow-through), I am recognizing how good God has been to me. Right now, I am so thankful for Chris. Even though he is not able to help me in the ways he usually has in the past, he is still a constant presence. He calls me every morning and evening when he is gone. He helps me study on weekends and talks me through how to troubleshoot and problem-solve the issues that arise when he is not here. And after all, how many people could I trust to go pick out a house for me?

God has set my boundaries in pleasant places, and even though leaving those physical pleasant places is difficult, I am recognizing ever more just how pleasant a place God has given me in non-tangible terms. When we try to predict how someone will act in future situations, we look at what they have done in the past; when I am worried over what will become of me next year, and the year after, I look at the past and see that God has blessed me and strengthened me over and over again. That doesn't mean life will be easy, but it does mean that I can trust Him to lead me where I need to go.


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