May. 15th, 2011

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This weekend was truly special. I was so privileged to attend my first General Conference of Elders in Cincinnati. It feels very strange to be welcomed into a wide circle of servants of Christ whose names I have heard for years--men and women who have been role models and mentors and examples, and now Chris and I are part of them. What a humbling experience that is.

But this was not the best part of the weekend. The best part was the lack of negativity. Acknowledgement of hurdles, hard times, predicaments? Yes. But negativity? None. Not in the speaking, not in the conversations, not in the hum of activity. I have rarely felt so uplifted and cared for and inspired.

And in the middle of being reminded to care for others and the immensity of this role that Chris and I have been called to, I was cared for. This transition in our lives does not come easily, and let's confess: I am a ball of emotions at the moment. I cried, I laughed, I had my hand held and I held hands, and I have come away sad to leave but encouraged to keep moving forward and to find ways to share this love I have been shown.

Without love, nothing we do will ever count for anything, will ever change anything, will ever do what needs to be done.


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