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We watched The Princess Bride the other night (it was the first time the boys had seen it, and the results were positive!). This is probably what made me start thinking about medieval times and knights and chivalry and castles and all that. Oh, and we were playing Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse, so that probably helped.

It came to mind again while I was vacuuming upstairs. I am temporarily at home all the time, which is good because there is still so much work to be done and I have homework and all that. It's also a little frustrating because everything is in weird places and some things are still packed (like, all my pens and paper), so trying to do anything requires all these extra steps.

Anyway, I was vacuuming and I was tired and a little sneezy and inclined to feel grouchy about the whole process. And suddenly it occurred to me: you know, I live with things that people in castles would have paid a lot of money to have. Carpets--carpets that have to be cleaned, yes, but carpets from wall to wall, warm on my feet, cushiony, not old plants and straw. I have water in five rooms in this house--hot and cold. I don't have to build fires to cook or dig holes to preserve food. I am living a lifestyle that the royalty of yesteryear would have longed for, if they had known it could exist.

Yes, I know that these things come with accompanying drawbacks. Life is not perfect. But life was not perfect then, either. Hopefully, this little "aha!" will help me to feel more grateful about the tasks that often seem so dreary!
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